Thursday, 26 October 2017

My personal planner demo

my life planner

During my life i spent many time in varius project, many of them were bankrupt.

I have a big difficult to organize my life, because i think more things to make in the same time, when i work, when i eat, when i sleep.
When i was young, my brain had a very good memory, and for this i never yoused diaries correctly.

I did not realize the time pass, and time is a finite entity of which we do not know the size. And for this we waste time of life, every day.
The young man does not know this reality. But now is different.

Now i am 51th years old and my hair are fading to gray. 
The time in front of me is little. 
And now i want to help youngest men to organize their life well, balancing time at work with time to fun, and checking every day theyr welness.

A right way to mantain welness is control food, healt status, every day.

If in a day you have migraine, you must control what you eat or drink the day before, and lather you know what food can cause migraine.

This is an example, of course.
You must check, tune and plan your life.
My Life Planner serves for this.
My Life Planner is different.

My Life Planner is composed by 12 blocknotes, one for each month.
I have chosen this way because blocknotes are smart, and you can use it with a clipboard easly on hands whitout supports, desks or tables. Previous pages do not bother you while writing.

my life planner, how it work

Every day of our life is most important.
We don't know how many is long our life, and every day must be lived as well as possible, and we must give time for fun.
Happy life is good for wellness. Record how your days pass, what happens, what you eat, how do you feel.
Analyze yor life and You can plan it better in future.

On My Life Planner you can find five fields:
  • Officium - This is a todo list, hassle in and out working hours, bring order to your life reduces stress.
  • Labor - This is a field for work time. How much time you waste to work every day?
  • Salus - This field is most important for life planning, you must write here every day what you eat and your healt status.
  • Ludo - Write here what you do every day for yourself. Your hobbyes, sports, distractions. This field must be full. Officium and labor make stress, and you must balance whit ludo. Also Eros is very important to reduce stress, make love!

Secret tags – for your secret moments

Use "My Life Planner" for analyze your life and organize it as well as possible! Do it!

Stefano Spolverini

Saturday, 10 June 2017

New brand

After so long I use the "Duster Inc. Design" brand (which is my last name translated into English) but I do not like it, it's time to change, to use a simpler, unique brand. 

So I've created the "Ebillo" brand. 

Now I have decided that in the future my creations will bring this name.

Also the font is mine!